A video of an ex Dominican policeman with a high ranking officer is circulating on social media. The young man had threatened to publish the images because he feels that he was unjustifiedly fired from the police department.

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Jose Alberto Moreta said in an interview with the digital show Personajes con el Chico Sandy that he was fired from the police because of lies told by someone who was in love with him and showed Internal Affairs pictures of him naked. “Those were photomontage, it wasn’t me,” said the young man.

The ex-policeman expressed that he went to Internal Affairs to try and get his job back, during the meeting he told them that he had the HIV virus, but that the agents just laughed at his situation and without asking many questions just fired him.

Later on, the young man told El Chico Sandy that he was gay and that he had sex with two high ranking officers. Said that he had videos to prove it and that unless he got his job back he would publish the videos on social media.

image of the ex policeman man apparently kissing high ranking officer.

We did not have to wait long to watch the videos because today we received a video of him kissing another man who’s apparently one of the high ranking officials.

Interview with El Chico Sandy

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