We received once again a visit from mister Enrique Jiménez, who come in to talk about some things that people have been saying about him in social media.

Ever since we had an interview with his ex Damaris, who’s better known in social media as La Concentida Indomable, Enrique have been in the hot chair because during the interview he made a phone call to the station and said some things that were not pleasant for the people who were present during the broadcast, including Damaris.

This time Enrique behaved a little better, and after a few minutes of persuasions, he even apologized to La Consentida. 

He said that he doesn’t have any kind of problems with her, but with his current partner Kelvin Medina, who has been making allegations about him that he said aren’t real. Like saying that he had plastic surgery to get a bigger butt, or questioning his sexuality. According to Enrique, the only wrongdoing that Damaris did, was to tell Kelvin things that happened between them when they were a couple because now Kelvin Medina is using those things to attack him on social media.

In the end, Enrique said that this will be the last time that he talks about this topic and that no matter how many videos Kelvin makes about him, he won’t be responding. 

“I am focusing my energy on my TV Show, which is broadcasted through the digital tv station known as Global Vision, I have not timed for showbiz,” Said Enrique Jimenez.

Hopefully, this is the last time we hear about all of these, and both sides cooperate to keep the peace. 

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